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What is A.R.T.E. ?

A.R.T.E. (Automated Report Test Engine) is Cloudpipe's newest and most powerful reporting tool for software testing clients and projects. Soon to be released as a stand alone product, we designed A.R.T.E. to dramatically improve the efficiency of the testing process. By following industry best practices, A.R.T.E. provides an accurate structured reporting engine that utilizes testNG and Selenium among many other frameworks. 

The Cloudpipe framework is a flexible, lightweight multi-language test report engine that we utilize on all client projects. With its a clean web report format with an extremely concise representation of what has been tested that also enables everyone involved in the development process to get the most helpful information from routine test execution.


From a dev/qa standpoint, test failures can be broken down into bugs and broken tests. Logs, steps, attachments, timings, histories, and Integrations with test management systems like our own selenium framework and bug-tracking systems can be configured, ensuring that the accountable developers and testers have access to all relevant data. Managers can see clearly in the "big picture" provided by Cloudpipe, what aspects have been covered, where the problems are focused, and how long it will take to complete the testing cycle and development of a given project.

Using A.R.T.E., our clients have been able to improve their testing efficiency anywhere from 30 to 50 percent on average and we are confident that it can provide the same benefits to your team as well.

Let us demonstrate what A.R.T.E. can do!

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