Modern software application tools make building custom solutions more practical and affordable than ever before. We employ proven methodologies for accurate, rapid development and quick return on investment.


Clients find that uniquely developed software applications promote and enable competitive differentiation and a significant edge in the marketplace.

In addition, our solutions leverage development and industry standards such as new web services architectures that make development and integration of the application easier, and the ongoing maintenance much more cost-effective.




We collaborate with our clients to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions focused on software testing and building tailored solutions using inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation concepts.


We have the ability to drive out the solution required from concept to a cost-justified plan from architecture to construction, from testing strategies to test case execution, and from re-engineered workflow to deployment. We are eager to demonstrate our abilities and will passionately accept your consideration.

Managed Services



We help organizations achieve excellence in Software Quality Assurance and Development by applying our know-how through leadership, dedicated workforce, and innovative technology solutions.

Our Value Proposition to our clients is our focus on unlocking the value traps; all the while, driving maximum value for the highest ROI and least risk. We focus on solving the business need in the most efficient and effective way.

Performance Testing and Tuning



Evaluates how efficient your application runs, scaling your test environment, load-testing software to simulate users and their tasks.  At Cloudpipe we properly tune application server instances and its interrelated components to support the specific needs of your e-business application.

Organizations face time crunches and almost every client we have worked with wants to increase test automation continuously. That requires not only a balanced approach, but also a smarter starting plan. What we offer is a robust automation framework that outlives its implementation engagement by years with minimal maintenance required.

Machine Learning


Cloudpipe’s ML solution involves the development of an annotation process that captures software failures within a test automation platform.


Our algorithms maximize human processes and allow computers to progressively improve performance on a specific task with data by understanding and running multiple testing scenarios to prevent system crashes or, in some cases, unauthorized sensitive information access while executing multiple test scripts simultaneously to provide reporting features that later are used in our machine learning model. 


QA Testing



We provide QA services that cover the entire Development Life Cycle to encapsulate our clients' business needs, including all activities that contribute to the design, assessment, monitoring of standards to improving the quality of service delivery.

Our strategy and planning imply a systematic way of establishing and maintaining quality improvement activities as an integral and sustainable part of organizations. In most businesses, this includes all activities that contribute to the design, assessment, monitoring of standards agreed upon by all stakeholders and improving quality of service delivery, client satisfaction.




Automation design, frameworks, and tool implementations are the core of Cloudpipe.


Instead of opting for the simpler browser recording of objects provided by various easy-to-use automation tools, we analyze the presentation layer of the application (usually displayed as HTML) and build unique identifiers for each object using Xpath.


Using our unique approach, we construct an Object Repository that is more reliable in the long term, as the repositioning of objects during the development process does not require any modification to the Object Repository.




From manual functional testing of web sites and interactive media, to highly complex distributed environments found in  modern applications; Whether you need user acceptance testing (UAT) of your ready-to-launch product, or are looking for an entire team to supplement your project, Cloudpipe offers you a variety of integrated testing solutions, risk-based testing techniques and QA methodologies.

We help you automate testing for web and mobile applications enabling ongoing regression with minimal cost across multiple technologies, languages and multiple OS / Browser combinations with minimal changes to scripts.