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QA Testing

We provide QA services that cover the entire Development Life Cycle to encapsulate our clients' business needs, including all activities that contribute to the design, assessment, monitoring of standards to improving the quality of service delivery.

Our strategy and planning imply a systematic way of establishing and maintaining quality improvement activities as an integral and sustainable part of organizations. In most businesses, this includes all activities that contribute to the design, assessment, monitoring of standards agreed upon by all stakeholders and improving quality of service delivery, client satisfaction.

We can accomplish this in a variety of testing techniques

functional testing

Functional testing checks an application, website, or system to ensure it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

regression testing

Regression testing is performed to determine if code modifications break an application or consume resources. 

user acceptance testing

Acceptance testing ensures that the end-user (customers) can achieve the goals set in the business requirements, which determines whether the software is acceptable for delivery or not

end to end itesting

End to end testing is a technique that tests the application’s workflow from beginning to end to make sure everything functions as expected

integration testing

Integration testing ensures that an entire, integrated system meets a set of requirements. It is performed in an integrated hardware and software environment to ensure that the entire system functions properly.  

accessibility testing

Accessibility testing is the practice of ensuring your mobile and web apps are working and usable for users without and with disabilities such as vision impairment, hearing disabilities, and other physical or cognitive conditions. 

smoke testing

This type of software testing validates the stability of a software application, it is performed on the initial software build to ensure that the critical functions of the program are working. 

black & white box testing

Black box testing involves testing against a system where the code and paths are invisible.White box testing involves testing the product's underlying structure, architecture, and code to validate input-output flow and enhance design, usability, and security. 

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